-Warm Up-

10 shoulder openers

5 walk outs (next to bar)

10 groiners

10 Barbell RDLs

5 muscle cleans

5 strict press

Review Push Press with class

Points of performance



Part 1

Strict press

(sets @65% or heavier of strict press)


Rest 1:30 between rounds

Part 2

spend the rest of the time working to a 1 rep max push press


AmRaP 6

Squat Clean Thruster

Beach brawl Weights

185/125 Rx

135/85 Rec

95/55 Masters


After WOD shoulder finisher

*if not enough time.. allow athletes to hang out and finish in the small gym

4 sets

8 Close grip upright row

(Empty Bar)


8 Lateral DB raises