-Warm up-

1-2 rounds

5 inchworm + push up

5 singles arm rows

5 scap pull ups

5 median nerve floss each side

1 min bike


4 Sets

20 Russian Twists with 45/30lb DB

*(Left+Right = 1 rep)

20 Sit-Ups (with feet anchored on DB)

Pregnant ladies

Fp2- 3 sets of 5 on each side

Table top to bear 3 sets of 5


AmRaP 30

10 Bench Press

8 Chin Ups (use bands if needed or Supinated inverted rows)

15/12 cals assault bike

Rest 90 seconds after each round

*If you get 10 Rounds, Stop (no more).

*For the weight, think of something you can do unbroken ideally the whole time, but is really hard after set 5-6. If you break 1 time it's ok.

*score is weight used in bench press and number of rounds

*pregnant ladies


Banded lat pull downs