-Warm Up-

2 rounds

5 inchworms+ push up

8 median nerve floss

20 sec supinated hang

5 dumbell push press

1 min assault bike


4 sets

8 Push Jerks

(From the floor NOT a max out day! Get solid good lifts. No press outs, stick the landing!)

Superset with :

10 DB Lateral raises (each arm)

Hold on to something sturdy for the DB raise and then bring a light DB from your side to 90 degrees for 10-12 reps on each arm. (1 arm at a time).

Probably about 15-25lb Db range for guys and 5-15lb for ladies.

Make it burn!



Min 1 : 15/12 cals assault bike

Min 2 : 10-12 Ring Dips

Min 3 : 5 Power cleans 185/125