2 rounds

100 meter stiff legged row

5 broad jumps

8 sciatic nerve floss

5 Cuban press + overhead squat


Get barbells out and warm up as a class

5 snatch high pulls

5 muscle snatch

5 hang power snatch

5 overhead squats


5 Rounds:

(30 total minutes)


500m/400m Row

For the row, keep a decent pace, but not 100% effort. 1:45 for guys and 2:00 for girls is pretty solid


Hang Power Snatch

For the snatches, make form a priority over reps. I want you getting warm each round so that you can hit something heavy later in the workout. 6-8 reps on the first 2 rounds should be more than enough. Then maybe eventually you will only be getting 2 or 3 reps and that's what I am looking for.


Max Double Unders