-Warm Up-

5 sumo inchworm + push up

5 single arm rows

20 sec bent knee hollow body hold

8 median nerve floss

1 min row


DB Bent Over Row ladder:

10 reps on the right

10 reps on the left

9 reps on the right

9 reps on the left

... All the way to 1 on each side

*Heavy weight. Slow and controlled movement.


5 Rounds:

Min. 1) Max Reps Bench Press

Min. 2) 15/12 Cal Row

Min. 3) Max Russian Twists with 45/30lb DB

Min. 4) REST

On the bench press, shoot for a weight you can only get about 6-8 Reps max with. Everyone will probably be choosing different weights and that's fine. If you have to stagger the group, I need it to be in this order, so just start them 1 min. behind.

This WOD should keep those you doing the open tomorrow fairly fresh still. As these movements will definitely not be coming up