-Warm Up-

2 rounds

10 walking Samson lunges

5 lateral step ups

20 sec bent knee hollow body hold

8 goblet squats

6 eccentric ankle dorsiflexion

:20 single arm OH hold(each side)


***20 rep back squat***

Hit a few warm up sets working up to 65%

Then perform 20 reps at 65% of your current 1 rep max

  • no belts
  • No sleeves
  • No lifting shoes

Each week we will had 5-10 pounds (total) depending on feeling and success of the previous week.

Get ready for some serious gains!!!


This will be a Lumber City bench mark WOD that we will repeat at a later time to track progress

AmRaP 15

8 cals row

8 Wall Balls

8 T2B