Kristin ran track and cross country in high school and played college rugby while attending Syracuse University. After college, Kristin continued to play rugby as well as coach high school girls. Wanting to find an activity to help develop strength, speed, and endurance for rugby season, Kristin found CrossFit 716. She was instantly hooked on the intensity, competition, and strong camaraderie. Kristin enjoys CrossFit competitions and her favorite movements are hand-stand push-ups (HSPU), wall balls, rowing and the push press. Kristin coaches WODs, On-Ramp, and Kids Classes.

Favorite part about coaching: Celebrating accomplishments of all athletes from 5 to 75 whether it’s a high five or a PR dance.

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Coach, Doctor of Philosophy, Structural Biology, Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering