Dr. Jennifer Lesniak - Owner/Coach

Dr. Jennifer Lesniak - Owner/Coach

Dr. Jennifer Lesniak

Jennifer is the in-house chiropractor and nutritionist as well as coaches WODs, gymnastics class, and programs the workouts.

Favorite part about coaching:

CrossFit level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Kids
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science Applied Clinical Nutrition
Bachelor of Science Exercise Science
Adjunct Professor SUNY Buffalo, Exercise Science
Health and Fitness Specialist (American College of Sports Medicine)

Matt Douglas - Owner/Coach

Matt Douglas - Owner/Coach

Matt Douglas

Matt coaches WODs, Mobility class, On-Ramp, and programs the workouts.

Favorite part about coaching:

CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Mobility


Dr. Kristin Sutton - Coach

Kristin ran track and cross country in high school and played college rugby while attending Syracuse University. After college, Kristin continued to play rugby as well as coach high school girls. Wanting to find an activity to help develop strength, speed, and endurance for rugby season, Kristin found CrossFit 716. She was instantly hooked on the intensity, competition, and strong camaraderie. Kristin enjoys CrossFit competitions and her favorite movements are hand-stand push-ups (HSPU), wall balls, rowing and the push press. Kristin coaches WODs, On-Ramp, and Kids Classes.

Favorite part about coaching: Celebrating accomplishments of all athletes from 5 to 75 whether it’s a high five or a PR dance.

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Coach, Doctor of Philosophy, Structural Biology, Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering

Matt Smyntek - Coach/Desk

Matt has always had an interest in fitness and staying healthy. He ran cross country, track and played football in high school. After high school, Matt joined the Marines where he was introduced to Crossfit. He returned to Buffalo, obtained his Crossfit Level 1 certification in 2013 and began coaching. During Matt’s time at 716, he has developed and currently coaches the Endurance Program, coaches WODs, and works at the front desk. 

Favorite part about coaching: Witnessing the ‘light bulb moment’ and seeing athlete improvement.

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance

Greg Coleman - Coach

Greg is originally from Albany and has been passionate about human performance and movement since high school, which led him to pursue his education in Exercise Science. In college, Greg competed in Track and Field, including javelin and middle distance and also competed in the Decathlon. Greg began CrossFit in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. He also completed his CrossFit Level 1 the same year and has been coaching classes since. Learning new skills, developing strength, and having a high level of conditioning are what keeps him entertained and wanting to train every week. Greg coaches WODs and Olympic Lifting Class.

Favorite part about coaching: The constant learning and pursuit of better performance. Greg loves helping others learn new skills, move efficiently, and improve strength, all while having fun and enjoying the company of others.

CrossFit Level 1, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Track and Field Level-1 Coach Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science, Exercise Science

Pat Corrigan - Coach/Desk

Pat is originally from Rochester and played baseball for Monroe Community College who went to two College World Series. Pat continued to play baseball in Tennessee before having a career ending injury. Pat has been a part of the CrossFit 716 family since 2012 and a coach since 2014. Pat then attended Canisius College and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. While in college, Pat found CrossFit through a college professor and was instantly hooked on the overwhelming community support and competitive nature of the CrossFit 716 family. Pat coaches WODs and works at the front desk.

Favorite part about coaching: Being able to see the progress from accomplishments

CrossFit Level 1, Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training

Jenny Vaccaro - Coach

Jenny started her CrossFit journey at the opening of CrossFit 716. She had previously been trained by and ran multiple full marathons with friend and owner Jennifer Lesniak. Being an avid endurance athlete, she was hesitant to start CrossFit. She quickly fell in love and saw CrossFit benefit her marathon training. Through her career change from teacher to police officer, CrossFit became an important part of her life and sanity. She found that she not only loved the strength it gave her but the competition and community motivated her to get CrossFit level 1 certified as well as CrossFit kids certified. She has completed 21 full marathons easily due to her CrossFit training. Jenny coaches WODs in the evening.

Favorite part about coaching:

CrossFit Level 1

Trisha Williamson - Coach

Trisha (aka Treesh) is originally from Rochester, NY. She was first introduced to CrossFit in April 2006 when she took a class with her mom. She has been hooked ever since. CrossFit educated her not only on functional fitness but also with nutrition. Trisha has been coaching for over four years. She is currently attending Buffalo State College, pursuing her passion in nutrition. In her down time she enjoys playing with her wiener dog Boots, spending time with her family and competing in local CrossFit competitions.

Favorite part about coaching: Getting to new people and see them meet and exceed their goals

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Strongman, ISCA Personal trainer, Associates, Business Management

Rachel LaBella - Desk

Rachel was a swimmer and played softball in high school. After high school, Rachel joined the Army as a medic. Once she was out of the Army, Rachel went to school for emergency medicine and became a paramedic for the Town of Tonawanda. Rachel happened to see the CrossFit Games on TV and soon after found CrossFit 716 through a friend. She became instantly hooked. Rachel enjoys both the mental and physical challenges of CrossFit, especially since having her first baby this year. 

Amy Rochford - Desk

Amy has been involved in various sports including softball, running, skiing, and horseback riding. After having a difficult recovery from a C-Section, Amy found CrossFit in 2012 through her chiropractor while living in Massachusetts. CrossFit became an important part of her recovery both physical and mental. Amy came to Buffalo in 2015 and found CrossFit 716 through a family member and immediately fell in love with the community and workouts.